Housing in Berkeley, found.

We received a call back from an apartment we really wanted. We are going up tomorrow to sign the lease. I had suspected, but was not entirely sure of, the stress this was causing me. I feel a great weight off of my shoulders, but I will be able to breath deeply once we all sign the lease.

The really interesting part is that I wasn’t going to fill out an application. I don’t have established credit, and some people have told me that is considered a bad thing. Either way, I didn’t want to “hide” the fact that I was going to be living there. So, the first application that I fill out, and it turns out I am the only person he checks. The landlord called to ask me questions about where I had lived and stuff.

Well, everything is going well on that end, so soon (sometime after the 15th) we will be packing up and moving into the Bay Area. Location and house warming party details to come. ^_^

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