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The subject of this post sounds serious, but it really isn’t! I just need some help tweaking my terminal in Xubuntu to look like Terminal.app in Mac OS X. I am burned out from searching for ambiguous terms today, so I am tapping into the geeks to se what we can come up with.

First, a comparison. The way the terminal acts in Xubuntu with 50% transparency is shown below.

I had to look up have to take screenshots.
I had to look up have to take screenshots.

As you can see, it does what it says it does, sorta. It drops the background color for the background image. That window is above the web browser, and what I would like it to do is show the what is actually “behind” it (which happens to be the web browser, in this case. Apple’s Teminal.app does it the way I want:

One More Robot, a great webcomic. ^_^
One More Robot, a great webcomic. ^_^

I got used to this type of transparency after hours of following along written tutorials on the command line, with the website behind the full screen terminal. That is my dilemma, which term/settings do I configure to get that in Xubuntu?

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  1. Compositing is a good tip, but, Maiki, be aware that compiz may not work in a virtualbox guest. Not saying it won’t, but don’t be shocked if it doesn’t. 😉

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